Seniors attend an educational conference

This presentation is aimed at raising awareness among seniors of the importance of an immediate and safe evacuation when a fire starts or a fire alarm system is triggered. It is also intended to teach seniors about the safe behaviours they can adopt in order to minimize the risk of fire and injury.

Target audience

Persons aged 65 and over living in a residence or alone at home.


60 to 75 minutes

Overview of subjects covered

  • Evacuation in case of fire and collection point.
  • Various safety tips (cooking, smoking materials, electricity, etc.).
  • Behaviours to adopt in order to prevent fire and injury.
  • Fire detection equipment and operating instructions (smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detector, fire alarm system).

Information and reservations

If you would like to attend this presentation, please contact the Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal’s public education division at 514 872-4684.