Three apartment buildings in the Plateau
Three apartment buildings in the Plateau.
Learn safe ways of handing smokers' articles, open flames, cooking food and using heating systems and electrical appliances.

In Montréal, as in other places, there are three primary causes of fires:

  • smokers' materials and open flames such as candles 
  • cooking food
  • heating systems and electric appliances

No one is safe from an accident or a defective electric appliance or heating system. Simple gestures, however, can improve our fire safety. 

Prevention tups

Smokers' materials and open flames

  • Tell children that they should let an adult know immediately if they find matches or a lighter. 
  • Don't smoke in bed and don't leave cigarettes burning unattended.
  • Place glass lamps around candles to keep flame isolated from combustible materials.
  • Blow out candles before leaving a room and when you go to bed. 

In the kitchen

  • Keep a close watch while cooking food.
  • If food in a pot or pan catches fire, cover it with its lid and turn off the eye. Don't throw water, flour or anything else on it. Never move around with a pot that is on fire. 

Electricity and heating systems

  • Use an adapter with multiple jacks that has its own circuit breaker if you must use one circuit to power several appliances. 
  • Don't use extension cords permanently and replace damaged extension cords.
  • Call a qualified electrician for repairs and installations.
  • If your heating system uses fuel (ex. natural gas, oil or wood), it must be checked periodically by a certified professional.

Evacuation plan

Create an evacuation plan with your family including two emergency exits, all exits possible for each room and a gathering point outside. Hold fire drills to practice with all members of your family.