In order to respond to situations requiring various types of responses, the Service de sécurité incendie (Montréal fire department - SIM for short) has a large fleet of vehicles at its disposal, along with specialized equipment. Here are its main components.

Fire engine

New emergency vehicles

As part of continuing efforts to renew its fleet of vehicles, the SIM acquires new emergency vehicles every year. The fire department recently commissioned the following vehicles.

100-foot aerial ladder

Regular vehicles

The department's regular vehicles are featured in the following section.

UMA 17, a boat used for marine and ice rescues

Vehicles for use by specialized teams

The following vehicles are used by the fire department's specialized teams.

Preventive care unit

Vehicles for use by auxiliary firefighters

The following section features the vehicles used by the auxiliary firefighters of Montréal in the performance of their duties.

Yellow firefighter's helmet


Firefighter turnouts are made up of various components, each of which is vital to the firefighter's safety. Here are a few key components of firefighting equipment.