In addition to fighting fires, the SIM responds to a number of emergencies that require specialized training and equipment. The four types of specialized teams are:

Two firefighters during a simulation of a dangerous materials intervention.

Emergencies involving hazardous materials

The hazardous materials team is trained to detect, control, limit and stabilize spills or leaks of dangerous materials.

Trench rescue team at work after a landslide

Technical rescue

Heavy rescue teams are specialized in three types of rescue: confined spaces, structural collapse, excavation and trench rescue.

Two firefighters on top of a building during a high altitude rescue simulation

High-angle rescue team

This team of firefighters is called in for backup when victims cannot be evacuated using conventional methods.

Ice rescue team in a boat during a simulation

Water/ice rescue team

Water and ice rescue teams have a mission to rescue any person in distress on a body of water.