Three people in front of an outdoor fire

The following safety requirements apply to any fire lit in a brazier, fireplace or flame-proof enclosure that people gather around in celebration during a special event.

Ensure the presence of supervisory personnel near any fire lit in a brazier, fireplace or flame-proof enclosure at all times during the event.

Solid combustible

  1. The fire must be located at a safe distance from any building (at least 15 m). 
  2. Only firewood and eco logs may be burned in the fire. 
  3. Any accumulation of combustible material may not exceed 0.5 m in height, width or length. 
  4. No flammable liquid may be used to light the fire. 
  5. Any fire must be located in a fireplace, an enclave of brick or concrete made of fire-resistant material. All elements must be installed on a level, stationarysurface. 
  6. At the end of the activity, the ashes must be disposed of safely and the site must be inspected to ensure there are no glowing embers remaining.
  7. Keep an approved class 2A portable fire extinguisher near the fire.
  8. If the weather conditions deteriorate or if the winds pick up during the event, the fire must be extinguished.

Combustible liquid (ethanol, bioethanol and ethyl alcohol)

  1. Any device must be certified in compliance with a Canadian standard and must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines. 
  2. The fireplace must be leak-proof and installed on a solid, stable base. 
  3. Never fill a burner when it is operating or still hot. Always let it cool down for at least 15 minutes before filling it for subsequent use. 
  4. When filling the fireplace burner, smoking is prohibited and all open flames must be kept at a distance. 
  5. Only the type of ethanol recommended by the manufacturer may be used. Gasoline and ethanol fuel are prohibited. 
  6. In the event of an ethanol spill, remove all ignition sources such as a cigarette or matches. 
  7. Always wait until the fire has been extinguished and there is no fuel remaining before moving the fireplace. 
  8. Ensure the device is clean based on the manufacturer's guidelines. 
  9. Keep an approved class 3A-10BC portable fire extinguisher near the devices.