A table centrepiece made of fireworks

The following safety requirements apply to any use of fireworks (gerbs) reserved for certified pyrotechnicians that are installed in the centre of a table to produce visual effects during a special event.

  1. Any pyrotechnician handling fireworks must have the appropriate certifications for the planned display and must be present on the display site during set-up, lighting and disassembly.
  2. Only those fireworks approved by the Explosives Regulatory Division (ERD) may be used. 
  3. The pyrotechnician is responsible for terminating the performance or the use of a firework during the event should an unexpected danger occur. 
  4. All fireworks must be solidly attached to the centre of the tables and be installed at a right angle or at a maximum 5-degree angle. At least two fasteners must be attached to the table centrepiece base to prevent the device from moving. 
  5. No obstacles or combustible material may be placed at the tip of the firework or nearby. 
  6. When the fireworks are deployed inside a building, ensure that it does not affect the operations of the fire safety and ventilation installations. 
  7. The fireworks must be lit in accordance with the requirements stipulated in the manual, which are designed to prevent accidental lighting. 
  8. Keep at least two approved minimum class 3A-10BC portable fire extinguishers on either side of the fireworks. 
  9. Send a written report to the SIM describing any incidents that occur during set-up, deployment or at other times during the activity.