As the owner or manager of an industrial facility, you must inspect certain items each day to ensure safety.

Emergency exits

  • All emergency exits are completely and constantly free of any obstruction.
  • All emergency exits are unlocked and easily accessible.
  • All exit signs, lighting and emergency lighting of emergency exits are working properly.

Fire alarm system

  • The fire alarm system is working properly.
  • Only the green light is illuminated on the fire alarm system panel.
  • All handles to manually activate the fire alarm system are easily visible and accessible. 

Automatic sprinklers

  • The control valve and all shut-off valves of the automatic sprinkler system are either supervised or locked into the open position.  
  • All components of the sprinkler system are working properly. 
  • All sprinkler heads are free of any form of obstruction

Fire hydrants and hose connectors

  • Private fire hydrants are free from any obstruction or snow accumulation.
  • Private fire hydrants are easily accessible and visible
  • Private fire hydrants are working properly.

Fire vehicle access routes

  • All access routes for fire vehicles are clearly identified. 
  • All access routes for fire vehicles are completely clear of any type of storage, equipment or parked cars.
  • Signs prohibiting storage, installation of material or parking on access routes for fire vehicles are in place and in good condition.  l

Portable extinguishers

  • All portable fire extinguishers are in place on their stands.
  • All portable fire extinguishers are visible and accessible.
  • Manometers on all portable fire extinguishers show proper pressure. 

Sources of heat and open flames

  • Flames of candles, oil burners and other open flame devices are properly protected. 
  • Flames of candles, oil burners and other open flame devices are in non-combustible holders.

Dangerous materials

  • Dangerous materials data sheets are available on site and easily accessible.  
  • Dangerous materials are safely stored in compliance with the manufacturer's directions.  
  • Dangerous materials are at the required distance from other materials.