Whether you produce, consume or use dangerous materials, you must stringently comply with all legislation concerning its use and storage.

Data sheets

Your procedures may necessitate the use of dangerous materials or substances, or you may produce them. Whether you produce, consume or use dangerous products, you must have data sheets listing the characteristics of these products at all times. These data sheets must be available on the premises at all times so that emergency workers can consult them if they need to. 

Storage methods

Obviously, measures must be taken when handling dangerous products to avoid serious accident. Storage methods, clearance required from other products stored on site as well as distance of separation from other incompatible dangerous products must be strictly enforced, in compliance with municipal fire prevention legislation and legislation from other governmental organizations that share jurisdiction. 

Examples of high risk industrial facilities

  • Raw flammable fluids warehouse
  • Distilleries
  • Grain elevators
  • Bulk dangerous materials warehouses
  • Mattress factories
  • Dry cleaning facilities
  • Spray painting facilities
  • Mills, livestock feed factories
  • Paint, lacquer, varnish and nitrocellulose resin factories
  • Chemical product factories
  • Paper recycling factories
  • Rubber processing plants