It is important to choose finishings with limited or no combustibility as well as decorative items made of certified fireproof materials.

Interior finishing

In meeting spaces, it is important to try to reduce as much as possible the amount of flammable material. Choose finishing materials for interior walls and ceilings with little or no combustibility so they won't accelerate the spread of a fire. 

Hangings, curtains and decorative items

You must pay special attention to decorative items such as curtains, drapes, screens, veils, ceiling coverings, partitions, booths, decorative items, etc. These items can be installed in your meeting space as long as they are made of fireproof material or cloth and a manufacturer's fireproof certificate has been issued for the textile or material. If they are not made of fireproof material, they must be treated to make them flame retardant by a specialized company and recognized as fireproof before they are installed in your meeting space. The company must issue an official certificate validating the treatment with the date on which it was performed. 

You must present these certificates to SIM prevention officers when they visit your place of business. If you do not have certificates, the officers will have to test your decorative items to make sure they are safe. If the test fails, the decorative items will have to be taken down. 

You can also apply flame retardant treatments yourself. Just apply the product according to the manufacturer's directions. These treatments must be repeated as often as needed to ensure items are fireproof. In this case, since no official document is issued, prevention officers will have to test your materials.