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Aoura's Sun: A Story of Immigrant Women

07 décembre 2020

A documentary by the MEM – Centre des mémoires montréalaises and the Collectif des femmes immigrantes du Québec (Le Collectif) tells the story of a group of women who run an advocacy organization and their integration into Montréal society.

Le soleil d'Aoura. Mémoires d'immigrantes.

Le soleil d'Aoura. Mémoires d'immigrantes.

Durée : 22 min 22 s

Un documentaire financé par le gouvernement du Canada et le Centre d’histoire de Montréal, 2019.

Réalisation : 
Antonio Pierre de Almeida

Mémoires d'immigrantes - photos des témoins

Assemblage de neuf photos de femmes, en gros plan, qui ont participé au projet Mémoires d’immigrantes.
Antonio Pierre de Almeida, MEM – Centre des mémoires montréalaises.
In the early 1980s, a group of Montréal women with immigrant backgrounds founded an umbrella organization to amplify immigrant women’s voices in Quebec. Over the years, Le Collectif has advocated on such issues as access to French-language training, the recognition of foreign credentials, creating a better work-family balance, and ending violence against women.

In 2018, thirty-five years after its founding, Le Collectif partnered with the MEM to preserve and share its story. The documentary Aoura’s Sun: A Story of Immigrant Women retraces the organization’s creation and development, as told by some of its key actors—including Aoura Bizzarri, the inspiration behind Le Collectif’s first name, “Le soleil d’Aoura.” It also features the personal stories of women who have experienced or are experiencing the challenges and successes of settling in a new country. Above all, Aoura’s Sun highlights their contributions to the history of Montréal and Quebec.

To learn more, read the stories of Aoura, Dary, Jeanne Farida, Darling, Marta, Sanaâ, Faustina, Laura and Perpétue in a series of articles that chart their diverse immigration paths—journeys that both reflect and have shaped Montréal’s history and identity.