36th dition - Montral Nightlife

August 15, 2014 to February 15, 2015

Montreals nightlife is one of its great assets. Winter or summer, a stroll after dark through the city streets often results in an encounter with one of the many cultural events and festivals organized all over the Island, without forgetting the many bars and music venues that attract the citys night-crawlers.

This edition of our Montral loeil photo competition inspired Montrealers who know and appreciate the citys nightlife, eagerly exploring and experiencing it throughout the year. Their photographs have captured the wide diversity of the pleasures of Montreal at night, from installations in the Quartier des spectacles and popular wintertime festivals to the more subdued, moonlit atmosphere of the citys back lanes and residential neighbourhoods.

The jury, made up of representatives of the Centre dhistoire de Montral and its partners in the competition, awarded three prizes from among the 227 photographs submitted.

And the winners are:

1st prize - Tourisme Montral

Montral sous la brume
By Taki Eddine Alimat

With its changeable climate, Montreal offers night-crawlers spectacular, even exotic-looking skies, as in this view of the mist-enveloped city. The photographer has captured a rare moment, mysterious and magical, in which the downtown core seems to emerge from another world. Only the recognizable forms of a few towers and the flank of Mount Royal in the foreground convince us that this is really Montreal.

1st prize

2nd prize - Photoservice

Plaza St-Hubert
By Scott Robert Collins

Here, the animated atmosphere of a commercial artery is transformed into a hyper-realist scene that holds the viewers attention. The striking composition and the contrast between the cool tones of the sky and the warm atmosphere on the ground give this glimpse of a sidewalk sale, a recurrent event in several city neighbourhoods, an intense, amplified allure. It inspires a desire to experience this lively, popular slice of city nightlife, outside of the more fashionable circuits.

2nd prize

3rd prize - Quartier des spectacles

By Chantal Lvesque

This photograph expresses the essence of what makes Montreal an enjoyable city, one in which celebrations take place throughout the year in peace and harmony. The shows spotlights accentuate both the fog effects on stage and the snowflakes falling gently onto the crowd, creating an enchanted atmosphere. Even as we feel the cold, we are reminded that nothing prevents Montrealers from partying in any weather.

3rd prize

Many thanks to our partners

  • Tourisme Montral
  • Le Quartier des spectacles
  • Photoservice