35th edition - The Hidden Face of Mount Royal

August 15, 2013 to February 15 fvrier 2014

The amazing variety of focal points and landscapes chosen by the photographers shows that Montrealers haven't finished discovering all the treasures and mysteries in architecture, public art, and natural features that abound on Mount Royal. These make up as many of the subjects of the 74 photographs selected from among the entries in the competition, The Hidden Face of Mount Royal.

Celebrated symbol of the city, Mount Royal dominates the Montreal landscape. Amateur and professional photographers present their particular perspectives of the mountain, allowing us to discover unsuspected sites and to see Mount Royal in a new light. These are the viewpoints of people who know and love the mountain, experiencing and exploring it all through the year.

And the winners are:

1st prize - Tourisme Montral

Oratorio pour un garage
By Shanti Loiselle

This photograph unites the sacred and the profane, juxtaposing the beacon of the mountain's north face, St. Joseph's Oratory, and a humble garage, eloquently bringing out the highly diversified vocation of this side of the mountain as shown in the many contrasts that dot the landscape.

1rst prize

2nd prize - Photoservice

Mditation au soleil couchant
By Stephan Lemay

Here, the sunset, the colonnade, and the meditative human figure give this image a universal, timeless character that magnificently conveys the unique atmosphere of pilgrimage sites all over the world, irrespective of religion.

2nd prize

3rd prize - Universit de Montral

By John Dohan

Caught by chance or posing? This unusual photo shows the improbable, magical encounter of an angel and a cyclist, whose forms evoke figures in a shadow play. On the mountain, where telluric energy from the depths meets celestial forces, isn't anything possible?

3rd prize

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