The CHM believes that understanding your society, the place where you live and your family through history can be exciting!

By considering the needs of students whether they are children, teens or adults the CHM creates fun activities that are adapted to different clienteles. The CHM offers classroom activities, educational materials and exhibition tours guided by our team of professional guides so that the museum experience can be historic and positive for everyone. Our facilitators vivaciousness and sense of humour, ability to get a groups attention and listening skills ensure a memorable experience.

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General information about our tours

Activities by level


ElementaryEducational tours adapted to the needs, interests and development of students in each cycle. A very enriching experience for students!


SecondaryFrom self-guided tours with questionnaires to guided tours of our permanent exhibition or temporary exhibition, to outdoor tours, we can adapt to your requests and needs.


CollegeFrom a general tour of our permanent exhibition to more specialized tours, inside the museum or outdoors, our tours are diverse and can be adapted to your needs.


UniversityWhether in the permanent exhibition, temporary exhibition or outdoors, tours at this level allow for a deeper look at specific themes.

Students learning French

Students learning French A pioneer of history tours for students learning French, the CHM has welcomed groups of immigrants since 1992. We have a specific project for classes daccueil in secondary schools.


OthersDay camps, seniors groups, community or cultural associations, businesses, institutions and other groups: the CHM has something for you, whether youre looking for a fun activity or something more specific.