Contest rules

How to enter?

Simply mail a maximum of two photos to the Centre d'histoire de Montral.

Online participation only

For each photograph, you must fill out a form online. Provide the address or place where the photo was taken, your name and address and attach the photos in digital format.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to everyone, whether youre an amateur, semi-professional or professional.

When can I enter?

September 15, 2017 to February 15, 2018.

Technical specifications

Photos must be digital, in jpg format, 300 ppp. Dimensions are 16 inches by 20 inches (4800 ppp by 6000 ppp). Submitted files must not exceed 20 MB.

Artists rights

Accepting the terms of the contest is required, which gives the city and Tourisme Montral licence to use and reproduce it, free of charge and for an unlimited period, in any manner and on any form they choose. It is also the participant's guarantee that he or she is the true author of the photograph or the authorized user of it. It also guarantees that the photographer will be credited whenever the photograph is used.

Evaluation of the photographs

The jury is composed of photography professionals and representatives from Tourisme Montral, the Centre dhistoire de Montral, Photoservice, the Conseil jeunesse de Montral and the Maison de la photo.


A number of prizes are offered by the CHM and its partners:

  • 1st prize, offered by Tourisme Montral
    A photography contract of a $2000 value with Tourisme Montral (see full description on the competition rules page).
  • 2nd prize, offered by Photoservice
    A $1000 gift certificate from Photoservice.
  • 3rd Prize
    A $500 gift certificate for the on-line boutique, Maison de la photo./li>
  • The Special Prize offered by the Conseil jeunesse de Montral
    (limited to participants between the ages of 12 and 30)
    Gift certificates of a value of $500 for La Vitrine, Montreals cultural box office.

Terms and conditions of the first prize

The first prize winner will be awarded a photography contract for Tourisme Montral ($2000 value). The prize will be paid in the form of professional fees.

The winning photographer agrees to:

  • provide and use his or her photography material, without additional fees.
  • come to the Tourisme Montral office for a briefing.
  • shoot the photos requested by the deadline given by Tourisme Montral (60 photo essay shots or four beauty shots (Tourisme Montrals choice).
  • give Tourisme Montral the photos on a CD in no longer than 15 working days after the shooting date.
  • sign an authorization of use and reproduction for an unlimited amount of time allowing the city and Tourisme Montral to use, reproduce and difuse the photos he or she has submitted for the contest to the public, in any way and in any form, and guaranteeing that the photos are original and that he or she is the true author of the photograph or the authorized user of it.

Tourisme Montral agrees to:

  • pay the winner $2,000
  • publish photo credits when photos are used
  • provide support needed to carry out the mandate