Old Montreal… Step by Step

Old Montreal… Step by Step

Level Students learning English and other groups
Duration of the tour 1 hour 30 minutes
Capacity Maximum 20 students (1 class)
Place Historical rally through Old Montreal, tour of the museum's permanent exhibition.
Language French or English.

Originally designed for students learning a second language, Old Montreal, Step by Step has proven popular with a variety of groups wishing to discover the historic centre of the city.

The adventure begins with a half-hour guided tour of the museum's permanent exhibition, allowing participants to get an overview of Old Montréal's history and layout. Then, once the rules of the rally are explained, the group is split into teams of two, with each sent out on one of several routes through Old Montreal, where they must follow directions and answer questions about the neighbourhood. After about forty minutes, teams return to the Centre d'histoire de Montréal to check their answers.

The activity can be reversed upon request, with the group beginning with the rally and ending with the tour of the museum.

The rally offers a different experience to students learning English than the classic tour of the permanent exhibit, which last ninety minutes. The latter goes into much more detail about the history of the city, whereas the rally is geared more towards hands-on learning.


Participants will get to know the city's oldest neighbourhood better and be able to point out some places of historical and geographical interest.

Educational activities
  • Educational materials

    Old Montreal, Step by Step [591,5 ko - 4 pages]

  • Before the tour

    The vocabulary worksheet (included in the document above).