Transportation in  Montréal

Transportation in Montréal

Level   Primary - Cycle I
Duration of the tour   1 hour 30 minutes
Place   At the Traces. Places. Memories. permanent exhibition
Language   French and English.

Meet Outoutagan, Roxane the Whale, Henri-Ucal, Jeannette and her dog, Icicle. By following their adventures, students will learn about the different means of transportation that were used in Montréal at different times.

Children will be delighted by a huge picture book especially illustrated for them. The guide will use this book in each room of the exhibition to tell stories about children and means of transportation. Students will also receive a brochure with games and pictures.

Educational activities  
  • Educational materials
    Once Upon a Time: Transportation in Montreal [327 ko - 2 pages]
  • Before the tour
    My Favourite Method of Transportation
    Have students make a list of the means of transportation that exist today. You can have them divide methods of transportation into categories, such as ways to get to school, ways to visit friends in another city, or ways to travel to another country. Each student then chooses his favourite means of transportation and draws a picture of it.
  • After the tour
    Me and My Favourite Method of Transportation
    In the style of the stories they heard at the museum, each student will write and illustrate a story about themselves and their favourite means of transportation. For each part of the story, the student should write two to three sentences. The student will then draw a picture to illustrate each of the three parts of the story.