Pfizer Canada and Montréal InVivo invest in supporting life sciences entrepreneurship

Pfizer Canada and Montréal InVivo are pleased to announce the creation of the Life Sciences Entrepreneurship Support Fund to support Montréal InVivo’s initiatives in the development of innovative life sciences companies.

Montreal hi-tech company CSINTRANS (CSiT) wins New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s (MTA) Genius Transit Challenge competition

SinTRANS Inc, an international provider of integrated transit IT solutions worldwide, today announced that CSiT’s proposal for the Genius Transit Challenge was chosen as one of the best submissions.

Montréal’s Reacts platform selected by global leader Philips to revolutionize remote collaboration in portable ultrasound

Innovative Imaging Technologies Inc. (IIT) is proud to announce that global health technology leader Philips has selected its Reacts collaborative platform for integration into the Philips Lumify portable ultrasound system, which will become the world’s first integrated tele-ultrasound solution.

Artificial intelligence applied to oncology: Québec government announced $ 3 million loan to Montréal-based Imagia

The Government of Québec announced, through the BioMed Propulsion Program, a $M 3 loan to Montréal-based Imagia to support a major project in artificial intelligence applied to personalized healthcare that will help early detection of cancers and the choice of appropriate treatments.

$75 million to City of Montréal to rehabilitate contaminated land

The Québec government announced $75 million in grant for the City of Montreal to decontaminate soil on its territory by 2022.