Desjardins and Polytechnique Montréal partner to launch cybersecurity research program

Desjardins Group will commit 1.25 million over five years to research in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. 

Montréal has granted $250,000 to Printemps numérique

Montréal has granted up to $250,000 in funding to Printemps Numérique to support the repositioning of the organization and the launch of the Montréal Digital Week, which will be running from May 25 to June 3 this year.

$290 million in supporting for SCALE.AI, the AI-powered supplychains supercluster

SCALE AI, the Artificial intelligence (AI) powered Supply chains supercluster, has received 290 million dollars contribution from Governments of Canada and Québec.

Government of Canada invests $6.3 million in six Montréal-based AI companies

Considering that artificial intelligence (AI) will provide unprecedented economic and social benefits to Canadians, the governement of Canada is investing $6.3 million in six highly innovative Montréal-based artificial intelligence companies.

Montréal attracts three top international artificial intelligence players

In yet another clear sign that the city’s unique AI ecosystem is thriving, three artificial intelligence (AI) world leaders will be opening offices in Montréal.