Montréal attracts three top international artificial intelligence players

In yet another clear sign that the city’s unique AI ecosystem is thriving, three artificial intelligence (AI) world leaders will be opening offices in Montréal.

Advanced analytics firm QuantumBlack will open a Centre of Excellence at Québec Artificial Intelligence Institute (Mila). With a reputation in the life sciences, aerospace, finance, and natural resources, this company brings together data scientists, designers and engineers to deploy cutting-edge techniques and offers a scalable approach that targets multi-year transformations. WinningMinds has designed an AI conversation analysis platform that analyses demonstrated skills and behaviours in real time. BIOS harnesses AI for healthcare. This company uses neuroscience, machine learning, software engineering, applied biomaterials to solve the complex problems of successfully integrating AI-based treatments into the human body. More than 130 highly skilled jobs will be created over the next three years.

Several factors have contributed to attracting these world-class companies in Montréal, including the impressive pool of talent that has made the city a leading hub of artificial intelligence research and a dynamic scientific community coupled with the world’s largest concentration of academic researchers in deep learning. 

Montréal International

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