IBM’s Client Innovation Centre in Montréal expands mission with Artificial Intelligence and Salesforce focus creating 100 jobs in 2019 alone

IBM is partnering with Montréal-based Institute for Data Valorization (IVADO), data science expert with pool of 1100 affiliated scientifics from universities, to combine research and industry expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) that will drive transformational innovation for IBM clients. As the result, IBM is planning to create 100 high-skilled jobs, from recent graduates to more experienced workers, in its Client Innovation Centre (CIC) in Montréal. With the goal of fast tracking the digital transformation of both public and private Canadian organizations, the CIC will focuse on AI and Salesforce.

“It is no secret Montréal has established itself as a global hub in AI. The city is a magnet for talent and investments. Research in AI is quickly expanding worldwide – and particularly in Montréal. “, Claude Guay, General Manager, IBM Services, Canada.

“The strength of our local business and research community is a key reason why Montréal has become a global hub in AI. “, Gilles Savard, IVADO’s CEO.


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