Virtual reality and augmented reality: leading-edge technologies driving innovation in Montréal (part 1)

Virtual reality and augmented reality are among the technologies making a transformational impact on numerous activity sectors. Together, the two technologies account for an enormous market. According to estimates from the firm IDC, the global market for these technologies could reach more than $162 billion by 2020.

Advanced biomaterials that offer promising opportunities for next-generation medical devices

  Biomaterials are at the forefront of important advances in health sciences. Given the aging population and the growing number of chronic illnesses, which represent major challenges for the public health sector, the demand for more sophisticated medical products is expected to increase in the coming years, hence the need for ongoing research into state-of-the-art […]

From wireless connectivity to future of insurance: Montréal gains a reputation for expertise in the fast-growing autonomous vehicle market

The transportation sector has entered a period of profound change, with new mobility solutions leading the way, perhaps none more important than autonomous vehicles.

Residual materials: montréal-based innovations With strong potential

SUMMARY  Residual materials: general considerations, principles and typologies Residual materials management Classification and typology Global economic benefits New economic model: the circular economy Montréal-based innovations that are reclaiming our waste and promoting the circular economy Research Chair on Advanced Waste Recovery at Polytechnique Montréal Pyrocycle | Electronic waste reclamation RMTech | Electromagnetic irradiation used to […]

Next-generation biofuels emerging in Montréal

Mounting environmental concerns have sparked growing interest in the development of renewable energy resources, with biofuels leading the way among industries likely to provide substitutes for fossil fuels.