Coveo, a leader in artificial intelligence, expands Montréal office to add 225 new employees to support growth

Coveo, leading artificial intelligence (AI) company in Canada, has announced significant expansion of its Montréal office to accommodate the 300 employees it intends to have hired in the city by 2020.

Smart Urban logistic: Purolator launches first-of-its-kind Mobile Quick Stop services in densely populated areas

To meet the growing demand from consumers, online retailers and businesses, Purolator introduced a new Mobile Quick Stop service, the first of its kind in Canada.

Federal strategy for innovation and growth of Québec regions: nearly $3 million for aerospace SMEs

Aero Montréal, Québec’s aerospace cluster, received nearly 3 million dollars in funding from federal government to support the development of the StartAero360° initiative.

Circuit 4.0: a new tool to turn Montréal’s SMEs in the era of advanced manufacturing

PME MTL network launched Circuit 4.0 aimed primarily to increase the productivity of Montréal-based manufacturing SMEs.

Samsung Electronics opens another AI Centre in Montréal, one of the world’s fastest growing AI communities

Samsung Electronics launched another artificial intelligence (AI) centre in Montréal, the second biggest city in Canada and home to one of the world’s fastest growing AI communities.