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Applications are accepted until October 31st each year for the Ordre de Montréal for the following year. Those interested in submitting a nomination must be supported by two persons.


Regardless of age, status or field of activity, persons nominated for admission to the Ordre must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Be born on the territory of the Montréal urban agglomeration
  • Reside or have resided within this same territory for at least 5 years
  • Carry out or have carried out professional activities within this same territory for at least 5 years


The following persons may not be admitted to the Ordre nor may they put forward or support a nomination:

  • Elected officials, political staff and employees and managers of municipal, provincial or federal government agencies;
  • Members of the council of the Ordre;
  • Persons with a criminal conviction.

To nominate a person

Third-party nomination

A person may not put forward his or her own nomination to the Ordre. A third party – friend, parent, co-worker or admirer – who wishes to do so may nominate a person.

Two supporters

Each nomination must be supported by two persons.

In summary

Candidates must be nominated by a third party and supported by two other people.

The following people are not eligible:

  • Elected officials, political staff and employees and managers of the municipal, provincial or federal administration;
  • Members of the Order's board;
  • People who have had a criminal sentence in their background.


Nomination form

To nominate a candidate, simply fill out the form below.

You have until October 31 of each year to submit a candidate for the award. Recipients are announced in the spring of the following year.

For more informations, please contact the Secretariat of the Ordre  514-872-4898 or at

Before beginning

Make sure to obtain the consent of the two persons supporting your nomination.

Have all the required information about the nominee and the two persons supporting the nomination, that is:


  • Eligibility (at least one criterion)
  • First and last names
  • Date, city and country of birth
  • Citizenship
  • Profession or main occupation
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Achievements justifying the nomination: this part of the form includes four sections:

    1. Achievements
      Present the highlights of the nominee’s career and any other information that can help the council of the Ordre to reach its decision (volunteer, humanitarian or association activities, etc.) Make sure to showcase the merits of the person’s achievements – scope, reach, innovative nature –. Maximum: 500 words.
    2. Contributions. Demonstrate how the candidat has contributed to Montreal's development. Maximum 250 words.
    3. Awards, mentions or other honours received by the nominee: complete the chart.
    4. Documents supporting the nomination. Additionnal documents are not required. As well, please note that only letters of support and résumés are accepted for the file.

Two supporters

  • First and last names
  • Citizenship
  • Profession or main occupation
  • Mailing address
  • Phone number
  • Email address


Choice of rank

Do not indicate the desired rank for the nominee. This duty rests with the council of the Ordre.

Closing date

Applications received after October 31 of the current year will be considered for the next edition of the Ordre de Montréal.

For example:
Submitting a nomination by October 31, 2023: the candidate will be considered for the 2024 Ordre de Montréal.
Submitting a nomination on or after November 1, 2023: the application will be considered for the 2025 Ordre de Montréal.

Complete the form

Submitting a nomination

  1. 1The Secretariat of the Ordre issues an acknowledgment of receipt to the person putting forward the nomination (the mover).
  2. 2The Secretariat of the Ordre performs a preliminary analysis of the nominee’s file before sending it on to the council of the Ordre.
  3. 3The council of the Ordre reviews the file.
  4. 4The council of the Ordre forwards its recommendations for the nomination of 17 new members, including suggestions for ranks, to the mayor of Montréal.
  5. 5The Secretariat of the Ordre contacts the selected nominees to obtain their acceptance.
  6. 6The City’s executive committee decides on the 17 annual recipients, based on the recommendation of the mayor.
  7. 7Invitations to the Ordre’s official presentation ceremony are sent out.

Nomination to a higher rank

A member of the Ordre may be nominated to a higher rank. A minimum of 5 years must have elapsed since the awarding of the most recent medal. New accomplishments will be required to justify the request.

The request must be put forward during the annual nomination period. You will find an interactive version of the form on this website.

Good to know

Eligible territory

Montréal’s urban agglomeration consists of the 16 municipalities that form the Island of Montréal, that is, Ville de Montréal (19 boroughs) and the 15 municipalities reconstituted on January 1, 2006.

To consult the list of municipalities involved.

Minimum delay to re-apply

The minimum delay to re-apply is two years.