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The medal of the Ordre de Montréal incorporates the City’s official symbols, that is, Montréal’s flag and coat of arms. Its elegantly simple design and fine materials are an expression of the importance of the honour paid to its recipients.

Same motto, same spirit

In keeping with tradition, the Ordre de Montréal required a motto and naturally adopted that of Montréal: Concordia Salus. These Latin words, inscribed on the City’s coat of arms since 1833, usually translate as “le salut par la concorde” in French and “well-being through harmony” in English. This choice of words, which is almost two centuries old, has preserved its relevance today, evoking the values that Montrealers hold dear: co-existence, diversity, openness to the world and inclusion.

Contemporary design

The obverse of the medal features dashes converging in a circle around a depiction of the Island of Montréal, evoking the city’s contemporary diversity, vitality and reputation.

In the image of the new flag of Montreal, the reverse of the medal is adorned with four emblematic flowers of the City, placed in quarters around the heraldic cross, to which the white pine symbol has been added in the centre. The lower section is engraved with the motto, Concordia Salus.

Insignia and ranks

As with most honorary orders, the medal of the Ordre de Montréal includes a family of insignia in materials and sizes that vary according to rank.

There are three versions of the medal for all ranks:

Full-size insignia

  • Suspended from a ribbon around the neck


  • With ribbon fastened to clothing

Lapel pin

  • Small pin fastened to clothing

The edge of the full-size insignia is etched with an identification number associated with each rank, followed by a specific number.

The solid red ribbon is a reminder of the symbolic colour of Ville de Montréal.

The full-size insignia and the miniature are worn during official ceremonies. The lapel pin is worn at any time on business attire.

Rank of Commander

  • Full-size insignia: 6 cm
  • Miniature: 1.8 cm
  • Lapel pin: 1.15 cm

Rank of Officer

  • Full-size insignia: 5 cm
  • Miniature: 1.8 cm
  • Lapel pin: 1.15 cm

Rank of Knight

  • Full-size insignia: 4 cm
  • Miniature: 1.8 cm
  • Lapel pin: 1.15 cm

About the designer

The medal of the Ordre de Montréal was designed by Jacques Desbiens, industrial designer and winner of the first prize following the call for creation of the Ordre’s medal issued in 2015 by the City’s Bureau du design, in keeping with the status of Montréal UNESCO City of Design.

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