Entrepreneurial dynamism : Montréal a real incubator for Québec entrepreneurship

The City of Montréal has unveiled a new study on entrepreneurship which reveals that the number of people intending to start a business is 25.7% in Montréal than in the rest of Québec (19.6%).
The Portrait of the entrepreneurial dynamism of the territory is strongly characterized by the contribution of three major profiles: women, immigrants and young.

  • 46% of women in the city intend to start a business which is higher than the number of men (44%).
  • Entrepreneurship is also a great vehicle for integrating immigrants, who make up 34% of the Montréal population.
  • 38% of young Montrealers will spend the dream of entrepreneurship to concrete steps.

Montréal offers favorable conditions for entrepreneurship. The city has a several universities which are real locomotives with centers of entrepreneurship, incubators and accelerators for startups. It also offers great accessibility to institutions offering financial support and facilitating international cooperation, innovation and business growth.

Ville de Montréal

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