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Mayor of Montréal awards the city’s highest honour

Montreal, May 16 2022 - Mayor Valérie Plante presented the Montreal's highest distinction to recognize prominent individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the city.

“Montréal is being built and evolving thanks to all of its residents. Through their actions, talents and involvement, Montréal is always becoming stronger, more united, more inclusive and more prosperous. The Ordre de Montréal is the highest honorary distinction that recognizes the exceptional contribution of 17 prominent individuals. As we celebrate the 380th anniversary of our city next Tuesday, I am proud to award the Ordre de Montréal to people who have left their mark on the community, through their talent, commitment and actions. Their diverse backgrounds truly reflect the city’s image,” said Mayor Valérie Plante.

Recipients of the Ordre de Montréal

Here is a list of the recipients of the Ordre de Montréal, according to the following three ranks: Commander (3), Officer (6), and Dame or Knight (8)


Claude Corbo 

Claude Corbo, well known as rector of UQAM for 15 years and author of numerous works on Québec education and politics, has also invested himself in Montréal and its political, cultural and heritage development. Chair of the consultation on the Montréal Charter of Rights and Responsibilities, co-author of a report on heritage management as part of the renewal of the cultural policy, and a volunteer director of arts organizations, he also chaired the Mont-Royal Round Table from 2005 to 2020, making a pivotal contribution to its long-term preservation for the benefit of all Montrealers. 

Monique Giroux 

Radio and TV host, author, creator and producer, Monique Giroux is a leading figure in Québec and francophone culture who has made vital contributions to Montréal’s artistic life and international reputation for over 30 years. She has helped launch the careers of many emerging artists, and has also contributed to the success of many well-known performers who owe her their renown. Monique Giroux is also deeply involved in her community in other ways. She is the recipient of the Laurent McCutcheon Award and an outstanding contributor to the fight against homophobia and transphobia. 

Jean-Lucien Rouleau 

Jean-Lucien Rouleau is internationally renowned as a practicing cardiologist and researcher. His numerous studies in heart failure and post-infarction have led to innovative concepts and profound changes in the treatment of patients suffering from these diseases, and have been cited nearly 100,000 times. As Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at the Université de Montréal, he was instrumental in establishing an office dedicated to making patients the central focus of care, now recognized worldwide as the Centre of Excellence on Partnership with Patients and the Public. 

Aurèle Cardinal 

The name Aurèle Cardinal is synonymous with a lifetime of work in architecture and the inescapable contribution of a man to the development of a human-scale Montréal. For the sake of urban harmony, environmental preservation and history, his designs recycled buildings at a time when demolition was considered a sign of modernity. His practice is rooted in the meaning of the built landscape. The city is his raw material, identity is his language. A major career milestone, the creation of the Old Port of Montréal, brought Montréal to the forefront of the world's great heritage port cities.

Gérald Larose

A man of conviction, vision and action, Gérald Larose worked to forge a society that is more just, more united and more democratic.  As the long-serving president of the CSN, his actions left their mark not only on the labour movement but also on Québec society as a whole. A lover of the French language, its defence and promotion have always been an important part of his various roles. He was honoured by the Académie française for his contribution to the promotion of French, which has strengthened the visibility of Québec and its metropolis within the Francophonie.

André Ménard

André Ménard ranks among the most influential figures in Québec’s artistic community and has contributed greatly to shaping Montréal's cultural life. In addition to co-founding L’Équipe Spectra, for which he managed the Spectrum and Metropolis venues, he is the co-founder of the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal and was its artistic director. Today the most important musical event in Canada and one of the top jazz events around the globe, it welcomes musicians and spectators from all over the world, contributing in a remarkable way to the city’s cultural renown.

Monique Mujawamariya 

Described as a “human rights marathoner” by Amnesty International, Monique Mujawamariya has worked tirelessly since her arrival from Rwanda to bring hope to women and their children through humanitarian missions. In her quest to reduce injustice, poverty and violence against women, she founded the Mafubo Federation in 2009, a bridge between Montréal and Africa that aims to empower women and carry out projects to improve their daily lives. The Mafubo network is now represented in 48 countries on five continents, contributing to Montréal's reputation as an international humanitarian centre.

Ginette Noiseux 

An indissociable figure in the Montréal theatre community, particularly as part of Théâtre ESPACE GO, which she has directed for the past 40 years, Ginette Noiseux has helped create powerful shows with artists from home and abroad. Over the years, more than 80 companies from Québec and abroad have come to enrich the programming of this unique venue. In addition, Ginette Noiseux has made ESPACE GO the only theatre in Canada to include in its mission the promotion of the contributions of women artists to the development of theatrical practice, an attribute that has earned it international recognition.

Samuel Pierre 

An internationally recognized professor, researcher, lecturer and engineer, Samuel Pierre wields significant influence in the scientific community in the area of information and communication technologies. A true pioneer, he is known for his innovative ideas and bold initiatives. A role model for Montrealers of Haitian origin, he is deeply socially committed and has been involved for over 20 years in developing Insertech Angus, a social enterprise that helps young adults find employment. In the past decade, he has also worked hard to develop Haiti’s Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies, already recognized as a model of strategic development for this Caribbean country.  


Margaret Bain

Margaret Bain has dedicated her life to community action in the highly topical domain of housing in Montréal.  Access to quality affordable housing has always been the catalyst of her work. This social entrepreneur and visionary, known for her enlightened leadership, has actively worked to maintain social diversity and cohesion in numerous neighbourhoods. Under her leadership, Interloge, the first non-profit organization of its kind in Québec, purchased, renovated and built over 3,000 affordable dwellings, improving the look and life of Montréal's CentreSud district.

Julie Bruneau 

A physician, clinician-researcher and professor of family medicine at the Université de Montréal, Julie Bruneau's career is focused on the health and access to quality care of people with substance abuse problems. The creation of an academic unit and its central role in transforming practices in Montréal have greatly contributed to making our city a model, a world leader and a centre of excellence for research on and care of people with addictions. Julie Bruneau's indispensable contribution to the emergence of CACTUS, a typical Montréal-based organization and a worldwide model for intervention, is a fine example. 

Jocelyn Demers 

A highlight in the career of researcher, author, professor and paediatric haematologist oncologist Jocelyn Demers was the 1978 founding of LEUCAN, whose information centre is now the largest francophone resource on paediatric cancer in the world. Under his leadership, the Charles-Bruneau cancer centre at Ste-Justine hospital has become a leader in North America, not only for care and research, but also for its attention to the needs of children and their families.  It is partly due to the renown of this centre that Montréal is recognized worldwide as a leader in child care. 

Aïcha Guendafa 

Aïcha Guendafa is a vibrant icon of social involvement in seeing to the needs of newcomers and their socio-professional integration. Under her leadership, the Centre d'accueil et de référence sociale et économique pour immigrants de St-Laurent (the CARI St-Laurent immigrant assistance centre) has become one of the most important service organizations for immigrants in the greater metropolitan area. Her dedication and leadership have enabled this organization to become a major player in the Montréal community by providing services adapted to the immigrants’ experience and the host society. She is also a founding member of several Montréal community organizations.

Suzanne Lareau 

Suzanne Lareau, a leading authority on cycling in Québec, has devoted her career to promoting the use of bicycles and defending the cause of cyclists.  CEO of Vélo Québec, one of the three largest cycling organizations in the world, she has played a major role in the development of cycling culture in Montréal and in the mass adoption of this leisure activity and mode of transportation. Suzanne Lareau has contributed greatly to making Montréal, with its 1,100 km of bike paths and one million cyclists, today’s bicycle capital of North America.

Barry F. Lorenzetti 

Entrepreneur and visionary, Barry F. Lorenzetti founded BFL CANADA in 1987. A proud Montrealer, he built the largest independent insurance brokerage in Canada by creating a unique business model: Employees are shareholders in the company, which operates in 24 cities across Canada. An advocate for inclusive business environments, he is responsible for the creation of the Barry F. Lorenzetti Centre for Women Entrepreneurship and Leadership. His continued contribution to the development of women's hockey (Centre 21.02) and his unwavering support for the cause of mental health through his BFLF Foundation make Barry F. Lorenzetti a discreet philanthropist who is proud of his origins.

Louise Millette 

Her distinguished career in science and engineering and her significant community leadership have proven Louise Millette a true pioneer. Her desire to provide a better social and environmental response to society's challenges has taken her down a remarkable path. Thanks to her efforts, great strides have been made in terms of respecting the principles of sustainable development on the island of Montréal. In the early 2000s, her strong advocacy for a galvanizing roadmap was reflected in the community’s First Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development. She participated in its development and in the implementation of those that followed.

Frantz Voltaire 

An engaged intellectual, prominent figure in Montréal’s Haitian community, author, researcher, and professor in Haiti, Mexico, Chile and Montréal, Frantz Voltaire deserves the title of knowledge keeper. A historian, he founded the Centre international de documentation et d'information haïtienne, caribéenne et afro-canadienne (international centre for Haitian, Caribbean and Afro-Canadian documentation and information) in 1983, which 38 years later has become the only francophone research centre on Black communities in Canada.  He also co-founded and continues to chair the Action Week Against Racism and co-founded the Montréal Human Rights Film Festival. He has been a member of the Conseil des arts de Montréal, the bureau de consultation de Montréal and the Conseil interculturel de Montréal

The Ordre de Montréal advisory committee

Nominations were closely examined by the Ordre de Montréal advisory committee on the basis of the depth, originality and impact of each candidate’s achievements on community life. The advisory committee is formed of co-presidents Isabelle Hudon and Bernard Voyer, and members Bernard Descôteaux, Cadleen Désir, Steve Foster, Monika Ille, Emilie Nicolas, Jan-Fryderyk Pleszczynski and Louise Roy.

About the Ordre de Montréal 

The Ordre de Montréal was created on May 17, 2016 as a legacy of Montréal’s 375th anniversary. It continues the work of the Académie des Grands Montréalais, which was created in 1988 by Montréal’s chamber of commerce. For more information, visit



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