Varian, world medical Technology giant, creates a Center of Innovation in Montréal

Varian, a global leader in developing and delivering multidisciplinary cancer care solutions announced the creation of Montréal Center of Innovation.

The new Center will focus on research and development of new health informatics technologies to expand Varian’s cancer care capabilities. With this new Center of Innovation, the company expects to triple the size of the Montréal team this year alone and is targeting continued growth over the next three years. Varian plans to actively collaborate with local universities on research, hire local graduates and interns, and partner with Montréal-based technology experts to achieve this goal.

Varian’s new innovation center reinforces Montréal’s position as a world leader in life sciences and health technologies. Montréal offers great quality of life, attracting and retaining top talent from all over the world. 

Montréal International

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