Jumio Accelerates its Investment in Machine Learning and AI with the Expansion of AI Labs to Montréal

Jumio has launched the Jumio AI Labs in Montréal dedicated to the creation, experimentation and at-scale deployment of machine learning and deep learning technologies.

Jumio’s AI models have reduced the average customer transaction time by 7 percent, with more significant reductions planned for the fourth quarter.

The choice of Montréal as the location of Jumio’s AI Labs was deliberate.  In recent years, Montréal has emerged as a major technology hub for AI. A major reason has been the work of Yoshua Bengio, a professor and researcher at the University of Montreal, a co-founder of Element AI, and widely considered one of the fathers of deep learning. This combined with a low cost of living and several large Montréal-based universities and academic institutions, has led to a convergence of AI talent and research support in the city. « Jumio’s creation of its AI Labs in Montréal and the investment in research around deep learning are both strong signals of the economic attractiveness of Montreal. This is the result of the city’s ongoing effort to promote a vibrant ecosystem of innovation », said Hubert Bolduc, President and CEO, at Montréal International.


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