Accelerator 360° – Aéro Montréal launches an innovative initiative to promote growth and collaboration among SMEs on international markets

Aéro Montréal, Québec’s aerospace cluster, launched a new initiative called Accelerator 360°.

This initiative aims to promote Québec SMEs’ business development efforts in global supply chains. Faced with major changes in supply chains, SMEs need to reassess their business strategies and, in particular, develop their international customer base.

The Accelerator 360° involves four stages:

  • Recruitment: Companies will be targeted and grouped based on their different strengths and potential for synergies;
  • Preparation: Market development experts will help companies develop their strategic plan and provide training on the various market requirements;
  • Propulsion: This involves validating a chosen market and deploying efforts there;
  • Consolidation: This step will involve the development of potential partnerships and mergers/acquisitions.
CNW Telbec

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