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Special Planning Programs

A Special Planning Program (SPP) is a component of the Master Plan that allows for more detailed planning in specific areas. Adoption of an SPP by City Council is an amendment to the Plan and is preceded by a public consultation process.

An SPP deals with a specific area of the City’s territory and might involve:

  • Detailed land use designation and building density;
  • Projected routes and types of traffic corridors;
  • Proposed community facilities;
  • Zoning, subdivision and construction by-laws;
  • Identification of projected capital expenditures and, if required, the properties to be acquired by the City;
  • The construction sequence and approximate duration of the capital work;
  • Special redevelopment, restoration or demolition programs.

The fourth part of Master Plan presents SPP adopted since October 2006. Since then, City Council has adopted the following SPP:

In addition, the Master Plan renewed the following SPP which were adopted before October 2006 (these documents are only available in French):