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Montréal and the Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal

Chapter 1

Map 1.1 Established areas, areas to be built and areas to be transformed

Chapter 2

Map 2.1.1 Revitalization areas
Map 2.1.2 Major retail components
Illustration 2.1.1 Residential development potential
Map 2.2.1 Public transportation
Map 2.2.2 Areas deemed for intensification
Map 2.2.3 Road network
Map 2.2.4 City-wide bikeway network
Map 2.2.5 Major rail, port and airport freight transportation infrastructure
Map 2.3.1 The Centre and its surroundings
Illustration 2.3.1 The Central Business District
Illustration 2.3.2 Commercial streets to be consolidated
Map 2.3.2 An inhabited Centre
Map 2.3.3 Key roadways of the Centre
Map 2.4.1 Employment areas
Illustration 2.4.1 Business and retail districts to be densified while creating new public transit corridors
Illustration 2.4.2 Employement areas to b redeveloped while making structural interventions to the road network
Illustration 2.4.3 Large abandoned industrial sites to be developed as employement areas
Illustration 2.4.4 Areas suited for transformation to mixed-use activities
Broad vistas and framed views of interest (1)
Broad vistas and framed views of interest (2)
Illustration 2.5.1 The waterside roadway
Map 2.5.1 Parks and green spaces
Illustration 2.5.2 The settlement routes
Illustration 2.5.3 The city's gateways
Illustration 2.5.4 Main thoroughfares
Heritage sites
Illustration 2.6.1 Industrial heritage
Map 2.6.1 Built heritage
Map 2.6.2 Archaeological heritage
Illustration 2.6.2 Nature parks
Map 2.6.3 Natural heritage
Illustration 2.7.1 The quality of lake and river water
Illustration 2.7.2 Land use constraints related to the Airport
Illustration 2.7.3 Flood-prone areas
Illustration 2.7.4 The Lafarge quarry and the former quarries
Illustration 2.7.5 Saint-Jacques Escarpment
Illustration 2.7.6 Overhead power lines

Chapter 3

Map 3.1.1 Land use designation
Map 3.1.2 Building density

Chapter 4

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