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General goals

  • Intensify and diversify activities in the area
  • Improve overall accessibility of the area
  • Improve the area’s general image and allow for a more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly environment

Planning issues

The Angrignon area is one of the main activity centres in southwest Montréal, thanks to the presence of commercial, industrial and residential activities. However, the abundance of vacant or underused lots coupled with the presence of the park and the metro station give it strong potential for the intensification and diversification of activities.

In order to improve public transit service, which currently consists of the metro and the reserved bus lane on Boulevard Newman, the City is considering the creation of a new public transportation corridor from the Angrignon metro station to the LaSalle commuter train station and then towards the Borough of Lachine. The potential addition of this component to the public transportation network calls for more intense urban development.

Angrignon is one of the area’s primary access routes. However the continued increase in activity and the eventual redevelopment of the Turcot site will likely cause serious traffic problems, particularly at the Angrignon overpass. The Ville de Montréal, in collaboration with the Ministère des Transports du Québec, plans to redesign the Angrignon interchange in order to facilitate access to the area.

Despite the presence of the Angrignon metro station, the public and private domain and the setting of buildings all remain automobile-oriented. The width of Boulevard Newman and Boulevard Angrignon and the scarcity of vegetation create an environment that is neither pedestrian- nor bicycle-friendly. The area’s commercial buildings open onto parking lots rather than the street, which also serves to discourage pedestrian activity.

Angrignon Park, a major green space in the area, is presently cut off by parking lots, the bus terminal and the Angrignon metro station’s terminal facilities. The proximity of this large urban park is nonetheless one of the area’s major assets.