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High Quality Architecture and urban landscapes

Montréal's unique urban landscape stems not only from Mount Royal and the St. Lawrence River but also from elements related to architecture and urban design. The quality of its architecture, both old and new, the design of its streets and other public spaces and even the various street patterns are all enduring witnesses to the City's history and cultural vitality. Montréal nurtures a special art of living in the city, expressed in the serendipity of its architecture, gardens and public spaces. The City's character is also shaped by the seasons, which colour in different hues the various ways of occupying the urban environment.

A primary goal of the Master Plan is a high-quality urban environment. Apart from enhancing the City's overall image, quality urban design and architecture generally transcends passing styles and proves more durable, attractive and economical in the long term. Thus the Plan's orientations reflect the Ville de Montréal's focus on developing a culture of quality, excellence and creativity in urban design and architecture. In this regard, Montréal's urban landscape has definite qualities. Choices, however, must still be identified in the Master Plan to enhance the quality of living environments and contribute to the City's economic development.

This culture of quality must also show respect for the characteristics of Montréal's urban fabric, by reinforcing each borough's identity and continuously improving the urban landscape. Accordingly, each opportunity provided by the improvement of a street or public space or the construction of a building or component of transportation infrastructure must be considered as a means to enrich the cityscape.

The Ville de Montréal has identified the following four objectives to ensure the quality of the City’s architecture and urban landscapes:

11 Enhance Mount Royal, the island character and other major features of the City’s identity
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12 Promote quality architecture and consolidate the built environment in harmony with the surrounding character
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13 Upgrade the public realm through coherent design of streets and other public spaces
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14 Ensure the positive contribution of large transportation infrastructures on the urban landscape
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