Proud of our employees!

Every day, SIM teams respond to dozens and sometimes hundreds of emergency calls. In their dedication to public service, fire department personnel do their very best to fulfull their duties. Here’s a look back at some exceptional rescues highlighting their involvement and expertise.

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Spectacular Rescue on Mount Royal

On June 24 at about 1 a.m., firefighter-first responders from Unit 230 were called to respond to an emergency taking place at Mount Royal Park. Upon arriving at the scene, they quickly observed that reinforcements were necessary. A call for assistance from the high-angle rescue team was made, and several teams of firefighters were dispatched to the scene.

Urgences-santé (US) paramedics and police officers from the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal were also on site. They collaborated closely with the firefighters called upon to rescue three people who had fallen about 30 metres from an observatory on Mount Royal. Two of the three victims were in serious condition. It was necessary to act quickly while ensuring safety, since it was dark and the victims were trapped on a steep, hard-to-reach slope.

The emergency intervention was a success thanks to excellent coordination work by first-response teams. Once extricated from their precarious position on the slope, the three victims were taken into the care of Urgences-santé ambulance technicians and driven to hospital.

“I think it’s important to mention that this rescue was made possible through timely collaboration between all the first responders involved. Everyone executed the role they were assigned, and the coordinated actions were carried out to perfection,” said Operations Chief Martin Guilbault (136-4).

Congratulations to the SIM teams (all from Group 4) that played a part in this spectacular rescue: units 227, 230, 275, 427, 416, 566, 613 and 627. A heartfelt word of thanks also goes out to our partners for their invaluable support in conjunction with our emergency interventions.

Open house at Fire Station 65 supports Opération Enfant Soleil

Presenting a cheque for $15,158 to the Foundation at the 28th Opération Enfant Soleil telethon.

Jean-François Breau, chanteur, Patrick Morel, pompier (65-4), Mylène Paquette, navigatrice et aventurière, Jean-François Cloutier, pompier (65-2), et Marie-Ève Janvier, chanteuse lors du 28e Téléthon Opération Enfant Soleil.
Source : Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal

Station 65, in the LaSalle Borough, held its ninth open house on Saturday, June 6. The idea was launched by Station 65, Group 1 members, after a visit by Cédrik Deschênes, a young boy suffering from sinus cancer. The event will be marking its tenth anniversary next year – a real cause for celebration. Over the years, it has raised more than $200,000 for Opération Enfant Soleil.

This year’s edition was a resounding success. Thousands of people of all ages turned out on a beautiful sunny day to meet the Station 65 firefighters. The firefighting-themed event featured rides in a fire truck, inflatables, Chief, the mascot, a chance to dress up in firefighting uniforms, a fire safety simulator, obstacle courses and more.

Firefighters Patrick Morel (65-4) and Jean-François Cloutier (65-2) had the pleasure of presenting a cheque for $15,158 to the Foundation at the 28th Opération Enfant Soleil telethon. Bravo to all the staff at Station 65 for their involvement!

Meeting with a Survivor 

Mario Perron (center), flanked by his lifesavers on May 25, 2015.

Mario Perron (au centre) entouré de ses sauveurs lors de la rencontre du 25 mai 2015.
Source : Urgences-santé

On February 25, 2015, personnel from units 205 and 219 responded to a call concerning a road accident involving first responders at the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Saint-Hubert Street. Upon arrival at the scene, firefighters from stations 5 and 19 observed the motionless body of man inside the vehicle. Firefighters from truck 205 pulled the man from the vehicle and immediately began resuscitation with assistance from the team from unit 219. Three shocks were administered to the man, who was then transported to hospital, where he was resuscitated. For six days, the 43-year-old man received specialized cardiology care under anesthesia. Just as intensive care personnel began to raise concern about his brain condition, the patient, Mario Perron, came out of his coma, and rehabilitation has since begun.

On May 25, 2015, in conjunction with the Semaine nationale des services préhospitaliers d’urgence (National emergency medical services week) and three months after Mr. Perron suffered his cardiac episode, Urgences-santé invited the firefighters from stations 5 and 19 to come and meet him. “Each of the emergency first responders had a critical role to play, and this was an eloquent demonstration of the chain of survival,” said Martine Cyr, head of quality assurance and development with the SIM’s first responders and specialized operations division (Division des premiers répondants et des opérations spécialisées).

Congratulations to firefighters Stéphane Jacques (5-3), Jean-Sébastien Cyr (5-3), Alexandre David (5-3), Benoit Bergevin (19-3) and Stéphane Mercier (19-3), lieutenants Jean-François Thibault (5-3) and Sylvain Duval (19-3) and Captain Serge Dessureault (19-3).

An Occupational Health and Safety Award for the SIM

Photo prise lors de la 4e édition du Colloque annuel en santé et sécurité du travail de la Ville de Montréal

Photo, de gauche à droite : Claude Deschuymer, chef de division, santé et sécurité du travail, SIM; Éric Dontigny, chef aux opérations (136-1), SIM; Chris Ross, vice-président, Association des Pompiers de Montréal; Yves Tousignant, chef aux opérations (155), SIM; Sylvain Mireault, chef de division (117), SIM; Suzanne Desjardins, directrice santé et mieux-être, Ville de Montréal.
Source : Ville de Montréal


On June 4, as part of the 4th annual occupational health and safety (OHS) symposium held by the city of Montréal, the OHS parity committee was presented with an award for its project to modify the work platform on new aerial platform trucks. The theme of the symposium this year was preventive action.

The award is intended to encourage innovation in OHS among teams involved in this field and employees generally, since they also have a role to play.

The goal of the project, headed up by Chief of Operations Éric Dontigny (136-1), was to make the pods of new aerial platform trucks safer for firefighters using them at work or for training. Different modifications were made to the trucks, including the installation of a support bar and anti-skid flooring in the pods.

Congratulations to everyone involved in this project. We’re pleased to see you receive this well-deserved recognition, and we also commend you for this initiative.

Photo, left to right: Claude Deschuymer, Division Chief, Occupational Health and Safety, SIM; Éric Dontigny, Chief of Operations (136-1), SIM; Chris Ross, Vice-President, Association des Pompiers de Montréal; Yves Tousignant, Chief of Operations (155), SIM; Sylvain Mireault, Division Chief 117, SIM; Suzanne Desjardins, Director, Health and Wellbeing, city of Montréal. | Absent from the photo: Dany Roy, lieutenant 935-2; Daniel Claveau, firefighter (34-4), SIM; Marc-André Dubreuil, lieutenant (63-1), SIM, Pierre Desjardins, firefighter (34-2), SIM; Benoit Pauzé, firefighter (20-2), SIM. 

A Team’s Compassion and Professionalism Spells the Difference

On May 9, 2015, firefighters from Station 29, Group 2, received a first-response call. According to the information received, an individual was allegedly attempting to commit suicide inside his home. Upon arriving on the scene, firefighters observed a man with a rope in his hand through the door window. Firefighters from truck 229 decided to enter the home and try to speak to the man. For several minutes, they spoke to the man, encouraging him to climb down from the stepladder. Without warning, however, the man pulled on the rope and immediately lost consciousness. Firefighter André Lejeune lunged to his side in order to keep the man in the air. During this time, firefighter Éric Désormeaux cut the rope and the man regained consciousness. Firefighters from Station 29 continued to talk to the man and reassure him. When the paramedic ambulance technicians arrived on the scene, the citizen thanked the firefighters before being taken into the care of Urgences-santé technicians.

“The initiative taken by firefighters André Lejeune (29-2) and Éric Désormeaux (29-2) probably saved the man’s life. The professionalism and cool-headedness they exhibited during this response deserves to be highlighted,” said Captain Carl Truchon (29-2).

Collaboration: Carl Truchon, Captain (29-2)

Two deliveries in less than a week for SIM teams

A delivery that points to the skills of the 41-3 FR team

In mid-May, the first-response firefighters (FR) from Station 41, Group 3, received a first-response call. En route, the team members learned that the woman they had been called to assist was about to give birth.

They were the first to arrive on the scene. The woman’s husband greeted them at the apartment door. She was in the living room, having strong contractions very close together.

Mélanie Drainville, a firefighter eligible for the rank of lieutenant, and fellow firefighter Philippe Bergeron, asked the woman to lie down so that they could examine her. They found that her labour was very far advanced and the baby was about to be born.

Just then, the Urgences-santé (US) ambulance technicians arrived. The SIM team was relieved, but stayed in position, ready to help, given that the baby’s head was engaged. With everyone’s support, the woman delivered a son.

“Together with the US technicians, we clamped the cord and the father cut it himself. Everything went very well – it was a really beautiful experience, with terrific teamwork between the paramedics and the firefighters,” Drainville says.

Congratulations to Lieutenant Daniel Martin (41-3), to firefighter eligible for the rank of lieutenant Mélanie Drainville (41-3) and to firefighter Philippe Bergeron (41-3), on a job well done!

It’s a girl for the 44-4 FR team!

Back in May, right near the end of their shift, the first-response firefighters (FR) from Station 44, Group 4, were called to assist a woman having strong contractions. When they arrived at the home to which they’d been called and went inside, the firefighters found a woman in the final stages of labour. The FR team had little time to react, because the baby’s head appeared after just two contractions. Everything happened very quickly and the mother delivered a baby girl before the Urgences-santé ambulance technicians, who had also been called, managed to arrive. The FR firefighters, who were all deeply moved by the experience, left the scene around 7:30 a.m. They headed home for a well-earned day of rest that had started off with a heart-warming and very special moment.

Congratulations on the excellent work go to Captain Martin Richard (44-2) and firefighters Éric Martin (44-4), Philippe Lachance (44-4) and Martin Coulombe (44-4).

Haiti mission: $108,000 raised!

2015 Haïti mission.

Mission Haïti 2015.
Source : Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal

Again this year, some thirty SIM firefighters went to Haiti to continue the expansion of the Mark Bourque school launched a few years ago. The main objective of the 2105 mission was to put up a third building to hold three additional classrooms for the school’s 150 students. This third building will allow the students to study indoors rather than in a UNICEF tent.

The firefighters managed to raise $108,000 through a variety of fundraising activities, and in fact exceeded their $100,000 goal. “The mission went very well. We were able to do what we hoped and the school is now functional. There is still a bit of finishing work to be done, but the students have already moved into their new classrooms. With this third building, all the students now have a proper place in which to learn. The old tent that was being used as a classroom is now a thing of the past,” says Haiti mission organizer and firefighter (42-1) Jonathan Michaud.

In addition to the new building, the participants built all the student and teacher desks, bookcases and shelves needed for the three classrooms. They also finished the stucco and painting for the firefighters’ building that went up last year.

“Despite the difficult working conditions, everyone adored the experience. We also took toys, clothing and school supplies to an orphanage,” firefighter Michaud adds.

A 2016 mission is being planned and several people have already signed up. To reserve a space for yourself or for more information, check out the Mission Haïti – École Mark Bourque Facebook page.

Firefighters Help Police Foil an Armed Robbery

Firefighters Help Police Foil an Armed Robbery

De gauche à droite : Marc-André Perreault, sergent, Mathieu Bastien, commandant, Martin Demers, pompier, James McAllister, lieutenant, et Alexandre Hétu, pompier.
Source : Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal

On November 14, while on their way back from responding to a call, Lieutenant James McAllister (76-3) and firefighters Martin Demers (76-1), Alexandre Hétu (76-1) and Benoît Audette (76-1) saw something odd: two men wearing surgical gloves and face masks entering a pharmacy. They noted that one of the men even had a revolver, when he stopped a woman from entering the pharmacy.

The firefighters realized that they were witnessing an armed robbery. They quickly contacted the fire department’s communications centre and asked for the police to be called. Meanwhile, they took the initiative of blocking Metcalfe Street with their truck, securing a daycare centre in a neighbouring building, ensuring that there were no pedestrians nearby and helping to evacuate a bus that had stopped right near the pharmacy.

With the firefighters’ assistance, the local police were able to act very promptly. The firefighters even went so far as to help the police nab one of the robbers when he tried to flee down an alley.

The Station 12 police officers decided to salute the contribution of the firefighters from Station 76, located in the City of Westmount, by presenting them with an award of appreciation from the Montréal municipal police department (SPVM), on March 6, 2015. The firefighters concerned greatly appreciated the honour.

The certificate they received from the SPVM notes that, thanks to their excellent sense of observation, the firefighters surprised two men in the process of committing an armed robbery, and their prompt action greatly contributed to the success of the police operation that led to the suspects’ arrest.

Lieutenant McAllister stressed the importance of collaboration between firefighters and police officers. “On the job, we know that we can count on their collaboration and we’re happy to return the favour whenever we can.”

Our sincere congratulations to Lieutenant McAllister and firefighters Demers, Hétu and Audette for their composure and sense of duty.

A Highly Emotional Visit!

Meeting between a citizen and his rescuers

François Poulin, capitaine (15-4), Éric Lamer, pompier (15-4), Philippe Côté, pompier éligible (3-4), André Laperle, pompier (15-4), Jonathan Poitras, pompier (15-4), Denis Gauthier, pompier (3-4), Gaétan Bazinet, pompier (3-4) et Benoit Brouillard, chef aux opératins (135-4), entourent Sarah Stott lors de leur rencontre.
Source : Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal

At 6:22 on the morning of December 8, 2014, the Station 3 and 15 teams, both located in the Sud-Ouest borough, received a call that someone had been struck by a train at the corner of rue Bridge, in their area.

When they arrived on the scene, it took the firefighters a few minutes to find the young 21-year-old woman, who had been lying on the ground for about three hours, with her legs cut off. Despite the freezing temperatures, she was still conscious. The first response firefighters rushed to give her first aid.

As they worked, the firefighters kept talking to the victim. She had not only lost part of her legs, but her fingers were completely frozen. When the Urgences-santé paramedic ambulance technicians arrived they quickly took charge and rushed the victim to the Montréal General Hospital. When the very worried firefighters asked one of their Urgences-santé partners about the young woman’s chances of survival, the answer was not reassuring. The incident shook the firefighters, who had no further news of the victim.

In early February, Captain François Poulin, Station 15, Group 4, informed Chief of Operations Benoit Brouillard (135-4) that the young woman was indeed alive. She had given a number of media interviews and was still in hospital. Captain Poulin took the initiative to call the hospital and ask for her news. Delighted to be able to talk to her, he asked whether she would be willing to meet the firefighters who had rescued her. She was happy to agree to meet the men who had helped her survive.

A meeting was planned at the hospital on February 3, 2015. Along with the young woman’s mother and Chief of Operations Brouillard, seven of the eleven firefighters who had rescued the victim visited her. “It was a highly emotional occasion, full of heart-warming joy for everyone, including the young woman and her mother,” says 
Chief of Operations Benoit Brouillard.

The efficiency and sense of duty of the men from units 203, 215 and 415 went a long way toward ensuring the young woman’s survival. We salute the tremendous generosity of captains François Poulin (15-4) and Yves Lavoie (3-4), eligible firefighter Philippe Côté (3-4) and firefighters Éric Lamer (15-4), André Laperle (15-4), Jonathan Poitras (15-4), Denis Gauthier (3-4), Gaétan Bazinet (3-4), Philippe Côté (15-4), Philippe Lanciault (14-4) and Kevin Race (3-4). Congratulations on showing such professionalism during the rescue.

Collaboration: Chief of Operations Benoit Brouillard (135-4)