Living in the city

A more woman-friendly urban space

The Conseil des Montréalaises is concerned with all matters regarding Montréal women’s living conditions. Its role is to suggest ways that Montréal can become more woman-friendly, providing easy living solutions where everybody can find convenient housing, food, work and entertainment. The women of Montréal represent 52% of the population; their needs and reality must be considered.

Urban life in the 21st century can easily mean exclusion because of the cost of services and transportation, among other things. Also, technological progress and fast-pacing changes call for constant adaptation and require more and more reading or technical skills.

Poverty often bears a female face, and yet municipal policies or actions do not always consider this reality. At the same time, many issues related to children are still perceived by many as women’s issues, and the burden left to them.

The Conseil des Montréalaises is involved in fields of competence where the city can step in to improve Montréal women’s living conditions. As of today, most of the work done is related to housing, homelessness, transportation, and women’s place as citizens in society. The Conseil des Montréalaises is the voice of Montréal women and makes a point of being attentive to priorities and concerns expressed by women’s groups involved in the field.