Mission and role


The Conseil des Montréalaises acts as a consultative body to the municipal administration on matters related to gender equality and the status of women, either by request from the municipal council or on its own initiative.

Along with other existing councils, the CM is a precious democratic tool and offers a distinct expression outlet. It is on the lookout for new ideas and schools of thought, and attentive to trends and citizens’ concerns.

This contributes to promote the development of a greater place for women in the prospect of their active participation in Montréal’s public life, as citizens, workers and elected officials.

The Conseil des Montréalaises is made up of 15 members, including a president, a vice president and one member’s representative. The mandate is a three-year term, which can be renewed once. It can count on the support of two staff members, a coordinator and a secretary, who help the CM carry out its objectives.

The By-law concerning the Conseil des Montréalaises (04-064), adopted in May 2004 by Montréal’s city council, defines the role of the Conseil des Montréalaises.


As defined in the city’s by-law, the Conseil des Montréalaises has the following roles:

  1. Advise and give its opinion to the city council, the executive committee and the borough councils, upon request, on any matter that could have an impact on Montréal women’s living conditions.
  2. On its own initiative or by request from the city council, the executive committee or a borough council, state its opinion on any issue concerning gender equality and the status of women, and submit its recommendations.
  3. Help develop and implement a gender equality policy framework for municipal employees.
  4. Solicit opinions, and receive requests and suggestions from any person or group on matters related to gender equality and the status of women.
  5. Conduct studies and research or have studies and research done that the council deems useful or necessary to carry out its duties.

To do this, the Conseil des Montréalaises strives to listen to stakeholders, especially women’s groups. These groups are concerned with the status of women, have a solid awareness of women’s reality and are conscious of their needs and expectations. Working together with different networks of women’s groups helps the CM target its analysis and actions to the city council.

The Conseil des Montréalaises also aims to develop ties with women who are elected officials, borough mayors and city councillors, because these women are at the heart of women’s living environment. The CM is also attentive to internal issues at the city that could affect women’s living conditions. For example, the city is one of the largest employers in Québec and as such, is concerned with issues such as non-traditional professions or affirmative action programs. The Conseil des Montréalaises aims to inform and raise the awareness of elected officials, city entities and municipal employees on all issues related to the status of women.