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6.4.2 Building construction or extension and soil excavation or backfill operations

  • Borough by-laws must set criteria to require that the construction or extension of a building or excavation or backfill operations on a lot located fully or in part less than 30 metres from a riverbank, woods, wetland or stream in an ecoterritory, identified on Map 2.6.3 "Natural Heritage" must be carried out so as to:
    • Tend to respect the "Ecoterritory conservation and development objectives" identified in Table 2.6.1;
    • Maximize the conservation of woods, wetlands and streams;
    • Integrate the use of the lot or the construction project with the enhancement of the existing riverbank, woods, wetland or stream;
    • Preserve the natural site topography by limiting excavation or backfill work;
    • Favour the development of ecological or recreational corridors connecting riverbanks, woods, wetlands and streams;
    • Favour maintaining a sufficiently wide protective strip of land in its natural state along riverbanks, streams and wetlands;
    • Favour maintaining or enhancing the water regime of waterways.
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