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Glen and Turcot sites

This area consists of two separate sub-areas, requiring a comprehensive and integrated development approach, being directly affected by the Ministère des Transports du Québec’s plan to rebuild the Turcot interchange.

General goals

  • Favour quality architecture, given the high visibility of both sites
  • Preserve and enhance the Saint-Jacques escarpment

Turcot :

  • Favour the establishment of job-creating businesses and a relatively high building density
  • Improve the site’s accessibility in order to optimize development

Glen :

  • Favour the establishment of the McGill University Hospital Centre (MUHC) on the western part of the site and residential development on the eastern side
  • Improve road access to the site while minimizing through traffic in living environments
  • Intensify and diversify activity in the vicinity of the Vendôme intermodal station

Planning issues

The area consists of two former railyards that have been dismantled. Apart from a few residual activities, these vacant sites benefit from excellent visibility and offer strong development potential. The very large amount of land available, the presence of major regional highways and the relative proximity to the Centre and to Montréal – Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport are prime assets. Due to this unmitigated locational advantage, the western part of the Glen site, in close proximity to the Vendôme intermodal station, has been chosen by the Québec government as the future site of the McGill University Hospital Centre.

However, significant constraints hinder the potential of both sites. Significant physical barriers limit their road accessibility and some local intersections would have difficulty accommodating an increase in traffic. Both sites are affected by major noise nuisances generated by vehicular and rail traffic as well.

The risk of soil contamination and the absence of connections to the water, stormwater or sanitary networks could also hamper the development of the two sites. In addition, infrastructure development of part of the Turcot site is likely to be postponed a few years, since the Ministère des Transports du Québec plans on using it temporarily while the Turcot interchange is rebuilt.

Finally, the Saint-Jacques escarpment, a recognized ecoterritory, should be enhanced and thus contribute to the development of the sites. However, it is a significant natural barrier that limits access to the sites and its instability could affect development potential.