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Rue Notre-Dame Est

General goals

  • Meet passenger and freight transportation needs while mitigating the impact of traffic on living environments
  • Make Rue Notre-Dame Est more pedestrian- and cyclist-friendly
  • Develop vacant or underused sites
  • Protect and enhance the significant features of the waterside roadway and the built heritage

Planning issues

Rue Notre-Dame is the main passenger and freight transportation route from the City’s East End to the Centre. The quality of life of residents is significantly affected by the traffic on Notre-Dame East and its spillover onto other streets, especially Rue Sainte-Catherine and Rue de Hochelaga. The adjacent areas also present some deficiencies in terms of accessibility, the quality of public spaces and the condition of buildings. Public transportation service warrants an in-depth review within an integrated planning approach, as does the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and motorists.

Many obsolete or vacant industrial sites could be developed for economic purposes while taking into account soil contamination levels, for instance around the proposed extension to Boulevard de l'Assomption.

In the vicinity of the Maison de Radio-Canada and the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, many vacant lots could accommodate mixed-use buildings whose architecture would enhance the image of the area. This area would also benefit from the reconfiguration of Carré Papineau, which is currently reduced to a median on Papineau.

Links between living environments and the river need to be improved, while maintaining the port operations that play a strategic economic role. Finally, the area contains significant built heritage elements, including some of an industrial nature, which deserve special attention in terms of preservation and enhancement.