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Implementation of the Master Plan

The Master Plan will be implemented through the application of by-laws, through public investments, many of which will be shared with the governments of Québec or Canada and with the cooperation of various partners. The City will also table an Annual Assessment Report on the Master Plan for public review by a City Council committee.

This chapter consists of three sections, dealing with:

  • The parameters of the urban planning by-laws to be enacted by the boroughs, particularly those related to land use designation and building density;
  • The municipal capital and program investment strategy;
  • The partners in the implementation of the Master Plan.

Monitoring the implementation of the master plan

The implementation of the Plan will be subject to systematic and transparent monitoring. The City will also match the municipal capital projects set out in the Master Plan with the annual funding provided by the Triennial Capital Expenditures Program (TCEP).

The City will table an Annual Assessment Report on the Master Plan each spring for public review by a City Council committee.

The committee will report no later than June, in time for its recommendations to be taken into account in the annual budget decision-making process. Among other items, the committee’s recommendations will deal with implementation priorities, particularly with respect to capital investment and programs and any elements of the Plan that may require amendment. In addition, the Annual Assessment Report will lay the groundwork for the five-year revision of the Master Plan, which will ensure that the Plan is kept up to date with changing socioeconomic trends and urban development.

The Annual Assessment Report on the Master Plan, which will be produced jointly by the boroughs and the relevant municipal departments, will include the following items :

a) Implementation :

  • The degree to which the Master Plan’s objectives have been achieved;
  • The enactment of concordance by-laws by boroughs;
  • The implementation of capital investments announced by the Plan and the City’s requests to the governments of Québec and Canada in this regard;
  • The implementation of planned programs and results obtained;
  • The implementation of municipal policies and their relationship to the Master Plan;
  • The implementation of projects developed in partnership.

b) Subsequent planning and furtherance of the Master Plan :

  • The progress made in the detailed planning processes;
  • A synthesis of previous year’s amendments to the Master Plan;
  • Changing socioeconomic trends and their effect on the Plan’s objectives and implementation measures.