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Triennial Capital Expenditures Program

The TCEP sets out municipal investments in road, sewer and water infrastructure, parks and green spaces as well as municipal buildings. It allocates these funds over a three-year period, but is reviewed annually and adopted by the City council at the end of the calendar year.

Capital and program investments strategy

The implementation of the Master Plan will require many actions within Montréal’s territory. To match these interventions with the financial means to execute them, the Ville de Montréal is implementing a municipal investment strategy to address the allocation of funding to capital projects and program spending.

In the spirit of sustainable development on which the entire Master Plan is based, priorities will be determined according to two criteria:

  • The maintenance of existing infrastructure;
  • The consolidation of the built-up area and its positive impacts on the City’s tax base.
Matching capital projects with municipal fiscal tools

Chapter 2 describes the capital projects that are advocated by the Master Plan. Some of these, such as city streets and park development, are within the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ville de Montréal while others, such as the public transportation and highway infrastructure, are under the exclusive jurisdiction of the government of Québec, while still others, including the airport, the port and the Autoroute Bonaventure, come under the jurisdiction of the government of Canada. Joint funding involving the City and the governments of Québec and Canada will also be required for some of the capital projects announced in the Master Plan.

The City will ensure correspondence between the municipal capital projects set out in the Master Plan and the annual funding provided by the Triennial Capital Expenditures Program (TCEP).

Among the capital projects proposed by the Master Plan, the importance of the transportation infrastructure must be noted. The Master Plan reiterates the City’s firm commitment to public transportation and supports the optimal use of the existing networks. A number of the transportation-related capital projects fall under the jurisdiction of the government of Québec. The Ville de Montréal intends to use the priorities outlined in the Master Plan to direct its cooperation with the government of Québec.