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An enhanced built, archaeological and natural heritage

Montréal’s rich heritage reflects the City’s different periods of urbanization and the various ways of building that characterized them. The widespread recognition of this heritage is largely the accomplishment of the citizens who, for many decades, have been playing an active role in heritage preservation. This role is primarily a collective effort achieved through the vigilance of conservation, information and public awareness groups concerned with the fate of old buildings and properties. It has also been carried out through the individual efforts of residents who care about their property and neighbourhood.

The Ville de Montréal recognizes the value of its heritage. Not only does it reflect the City’s history and culture, it also contributes to cultivating a stronger sense of belonging among Montrealers. This heritage also contributes to the City’s tourist appeal and to real estate investments. These investments concern mainly the recycling of buildings of interest, the revitalization of older neighbourhoods and the consolidation of sites with heritage or landscape value.

The City views its heritage from a broader and more integrated perspective. Thus the Master Plan recognizes the following dimensions of Montréal’s heritage:

  • Built heritage, both old and more recent;
  • Archaeological heritage;
  • Commemorative heritage;
  • Natural, landscape and scenic heritage.

Heritage conservation and enhancement must also be integrated into all urban development efforts, both private and public, beyond concerns of a strictly regulatory nature.

To complement the goals and objectives pertaining to the urban landscape and architectural quality described in Section 2.5, (pointer vers U1P1C2.5) the City intends to encourage the expression of each borough’s identity through intensified efforts in heritage preservation and enhancement as well as by exemplary action.

Accordingly, the Master Plan sets the following two objectives:

15 Preserve and enhance the built and archaeological heritage
+ See this objective
16 Preserve and enhance the natural heritage
+ See this objective
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