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Preserve and enhance the built and archaeological heritage

Today the value, richness and diversity of Montréal’s heritage are widely recognized and the conservation of its components can rely on solid foundations. A large number of properties and areas are protected or recognized by the Québec or Canadian governments. In addition to the historic district of Old Montréal and the Mount Royal historic and natural district, Montréal has designated seven heritage sites.

In the realm of heritage preservation and enhancement, the historic district of Old Montréal already serves as a model, both for the measures taken to control its development and the quality of the efforts made in renovating old buildings, integrating modern structures and designing public spaces.

The Master Plan supports the value of these various heritage components, as well as the protective measures associated with them.

Montréal’s heritage is not limited to historical elements of exceptional value or of a monumental nature. It also includes more recent buildings and areas of interest from the modern or industrial eras, which reflect a borough’s character and specific history, as well as individual elements such as works of art on public or private property. The Ville de Montréal intends to ensure the conservation of all these heritage elements in order to preserve their integrity while ensuring the harmonious integration of new building, renovation and urban design work in heritage areas.

Moreover, the Master Plan confirms the City’s desire to continue public awareness efforts to highlight the richness and potential of Montréal’s heritage. Increased awareness on the part of stakeholders – be they municipal officials, property owners, real estate developers or construction experts – helps ensure that actions will be more sensitive to heritage. Similarly, a better knowledge of the history of the City, its boroughs and its buildings leads to a greater appreciation of its heritage and strengthens Montrealers’ sense of belonging.

It is equally important to note that the protection and enhancement measures included in the Master Plan will be supported by the Politique du patrimoine (Heritage Policy) and the work of the Conseil du patrimoine (Heritage Committee). The roles of planning advisory committees and the Comité d’architecture et d’urbanisme (Architectural and Planning Advisory Committee) in overseeing the architectural quality of projects, particularly in areas with heritage value, should also be emphasized.

The Plan sets forth four actions relative to the built and archaeological heritage:

15.1 Protect areas of heritage value
+ See this action
15.2 Protect heritage buildings
+ See this action
15.3 Protect and enhance Montréal’s archaeological heritage
+ See this action
15.4 Maintain and intensify heritage education and enhancement efforts
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