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Master Plan > Part 1 > Chapter 2 > 2.6 > Objectif 15 > Action 15.1 - 1/2
Protect areas of heritage value

The value of heritage areas is related to their period of construction, their architecture and the characteristics of their built environment, as well as to the quality of the relationship between the landscape and the surrounding buildings.

In identifying the heritage areas shown in Map 2.6.1, the Master Plan aims for consistent recognition of all of the City’s heritage areas while respecting each borough’s specific character. Based on their historical value, as well as the consistency and quality with which their architectural and urban characteristics have been preserved, these areas will be subject to measures designed to oversee any new construction, renovation or landscaping. These measures are also aimed at optimizing the integration of new buildings. They favour creativity and architectural innovation rather than mimicry of the existing form. Detailed studies may also be conducted on some heritage areas to determine the relevance of creating new heritage sites.

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