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Design principles in the vicinity of public transportation access points

Public space design in the vicinity of public transportation infrastructure must take into account the following work to improve the comfort and safety of users accessing the network by foot, bicycle or bus:

  • Continuous sidewalks of sufficient width;
  • Landscaping;
  • Appropriate lighting and street furniture;
  • Bicycle parking.

As important places where people meet or pass through, the surroundings of metro and train stations should function as true public places for their surrounding neighbourhoods and be as pleasant as possible.

Similarly, public spaces should be designed to reduce potential conflict between pedestrian, cyclist and public transit vehicle traffic.

To be completely safe, crosswalks over road corridors need to be designed carefully (with lighting, pavement markings and traffic lights) to give pedestrians greater visibility and warn drivers of areas with heavy pedestrian traffic. Crosswalks must also be adapted to pedestrian needs, either by reducing the width of streets or by installing safety median strips at the busiest intersections.

Planning in the vicinity of metro and commuter train stations also requires the design of bus drop-off areas to facilitate connections. Park and ride arrangements should also be made safe, pleasant and practical for public transportation users and be equipped with sidewalks, proper lighting, landscaping, surveillance, etc.

Short and direct pedestrian routes that reduce walking distances between residential areas and public transportation infrastructure must also be given as much consideration as possible in planning street grids. In some cases, the development of safe crosswalks might be necessary to encourage the use of public transportation. Finally, buildings facing the street and designed so as to stimulate pedestrian activity along the sidewalks are especially desirable in the vicinity of metro and other stations.

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