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Improve the image of Montréal’s main thoroughfares

Work done within and along main thoroughfares helps to shape the territory's image as well as user perceptions. Through raising the quality of design and construction, the City hopes to improve the image of expressway corridors and main thoroughfares, as well as provide road network users with quality landscaping.

In this regard, the planned design of an urban boulevard in the Notre-Dame East corridor as well as the reconstruction of the Métropolitaine and the Dorval and Turcot interchanges represents a unique opportunity to ensure coherent planning of road infrastructure, which takes into account its integration into the surrounding urban setting (see Objective 3).

Implementation measures

  • Ensure, in cooperation with stakeholders, the integrated planning of road infrastructure projects, taking into account their impact on the surrounding urban environment and endeavouring to optimize urban integration of the infrastructure.
  • Control construction along the main thoroughfares illustrated below and the planned roadways identified in Map 2.2.3 so as to address the following concerns:
    • The architectural quality of buildings and their contribution to the overall character of road segments;
    • Building designs and heights that provide a better framework for thoroughfares and increase density;
    • The integration of commercial signs with adjacent buildings;
    • Reduction of the visual impact of parking and manoeuvring, outdoor storage and handling areas;
    • Framing and improving the broad vistas and scenic views towards Mount Royal, the CBD or other significant features of the landscape.
  • Regulate commercial advertising and the installation of billboards so as to limit their visual impact on thoroughfares (see Objective 13).
  • Preserve and improve the vegetation and other natural features, such as the Saint-Jacques escarpment, that contribute to the greenery along certain sections of the network.
  • Plant more trees along thoroughfares, especially where the built environment is destructured.
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