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Diversity of the Centre’s residential stock

The Centre's residential stock, including housing in recycled buildings, is exceptionally diverse and reflects the different periods of the City's development.

The Centre's housing typology is varied, meeting the needs of a wide range of households. It includes single-family and row housing, “plex” housing, lofts, apartment buildings, high-rises, etc. Property agreements include single ownership, co-ownership, rental, subsidized housing and cooperatives.

Increase the Centre’s residential vitality

The Centre's great vitality stems in part from its large resident population, combined with hotel guests and students living in residence. This also applies to the CBD, where residential uses are authorized (see Map 2.3.2).

The Centre still has untapped real estate development potential in lots that are either vacant, underused or occupied by parking facilities. These lots could accommodate approximately 15,000 housing units (see Objective 2).

The Plan sets forth three actions relative to the Centre’s residential vitality:

6.1 Ensure the quality of established living environments
+ See this action
6.2 Consolidate the residential function in the Centre
+ See this action
6.3 Foster the fulfillment of the Centre’s residential function
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