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Strategically connect areas of the City by completing the road network

The road network is a major component of the City that ensures the movement of passengers and freight. Efficient road links are an essential condition for the mobility of Montréal's population and the growth of its production, distribution and service activities. They contribute to the consolidation and development of residential, mixed use and employment areas. Through the interventions proposed for the road network, the City seeks to improve access to the different areas of Montréal (see Map 2.2.3).

Highway interchangeThe Ville de Montréal emphasizes the need to harmonize the proposed interventions with the existing built environment, while contributing to the revitalization of the areas served. This also applies to the implementation of preferential measures for public transportation and carpool lanes along the full length of existing and planned roads.

In order to create a safe and pleasant environment for pedestrians and cyclists, the City also intends to carry out projects such as continuous sidewalks of sufficient width, landscaping, bikeways and appropriate street furniture (see Objectives 13 and 14).

The Master Plan recognizes the importance of protecting and enhancing natural areas on its territory. Therefore, the Ville de Montréal will undertake discussions with the Ministère des Transports du Québec in relation with the possibility that the latter will permanently hand over to the former the Autoroute 440 right-of-way in L'Île-Bizard in order to consolidate Bois-de-l'île-Bizard nature park.

Implementation measures

The planned actions pertaining to the road networks, which are to be confirmed by in-depth studies, are justified on the basis of a series of urban planning considerations:

Projected interventions on road links

Given its role in structuring Montréal's economic activities, to improve access to the main employment areas, enhance the image of its corridor and harmoniously integrate it with the adjacent built form (especially the residential areas), the Plan identifies the following intervention:

  • Proceed with the repair and optimization of the Métropolitaine while integrating preferential measures for transit (to be performed by the Ministère des Transports du Québec).
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