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Promote the consolidation of the City's most dynamic commercial streets, strips and centres

In order for a living environment to be complete, balanced retail services are required to meet residents' needs. The Ville de Montréal therefore intends to make it a priority to maintain and consolidate the commercial activity of the City's most dynamic commercial streets, strips and centres, as presented in Map 2.1.2. This map also illustrates the Centre, including streets where continuity in street-level commercial space is required by the Plan. Areas devoted principally to business and commerce are also noted (see Objectives 5 and 8).

In recent decades, retail activity has undergone structural transformation. In particular, the development of superstores has had repercussions on the distribution and composition of retail facilities. In response to changing consumer patterns, local demographics and market restructuring, some commercial streets are attracting new types of stores and services and adapting by specializing.

People in the streetThe evolving nature of retail entails a rethinking of the supply of commercial properties on streets. The concentration of activity along the most dynamic stretches is desirable in order to ensure commercial vitality and a quality urban environment, especially for pedestrians.

In many living environments, retail services are mainly provided by medium- to large-sized establishments located on major roadways or in automobile-oriented shopping centres. In order to improve the contribution of this type of business to the urban fabric and ensure universal accessibility, Objective 12 emphasizes the importance of implementing a regulatory framework that provides for the review of medium- and large-sized retail projects.

Montréal's large public markets and its local stores work together to enrich its living environments and offer its residents quality products. Public markets must be designed to offer a safe environment and a pleasant shopping experience but also to respect the peace and quiet of their neighbours.

Implementation measures

  • Initiate or reinforce appropriate regulatory measures in order to maintain and consolidate commercial activity along streets, strips and in shopping centres, which are identified in Map 2.1.2.
  • Consolidate the principal commercial streets of the Centre, identified in Map 2.1.2, where the continuity of street-level commercial space is required.
  • Develop and implement action programs in cooperation with retailer associations and other local stakeholders.
  • Ensure that the treatment of commercial streets, strips and centres serves to increase the interactions between businesses, public spaces and other activities
    (see Objective 12).
  • Favour the development of local public markets well integrated with their surroundings.
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