Because every life counts

Montréal has adopted the Vision Zero approach across the city

What actions will you take to make a commitment to safety?

I am making a commitment...

  • By obeying all speed limits, concentrating on my driving and not using cell phones or other electronic devices.
  • By travelling on streets in a predictable way and sharing the road with other users.
  • By crossing intersections at the right time and at pedestrian crossings if I am on foot.
  • By using caution near heavy vehicles and making sure I am not in their blind spot.
  • By not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • By sharing my commitment with my network.
  • By recognizing that my actions can cause collisions and my behaviour in the street can affect the lives of others.

1992 commitments and counting.

Trois enfants traversent la rue sur un passage piéton.

Actions based on safe mobility

Divided in three major themes, the actions reflect the commitment made by the city and its partners. Here is an outline of its commitments.

Actions to improve collaboration


  • 1

    Create a Vision Zero-dedicated team and filling seven additional positions for the implementation of the action plan.

  • 2

    Create a Vision Zero governing committee, made up of the most influential road safety partners.

  • 3

    Instate a team for the analysis of fatal collisions.

  • 4

    Publish a yearly "Montréal road safety report".

Actions to change attitudes and approaches


  • 5

    Work on the 3 major themes: street crossing; heavy-duty vehicles, speed management.

  • 6

    Improve coordination of awareness campaigns.

  • 7

    Improve training for professional drivers.

  • 8

    Develop better tools to analyse collisions and their impact on the population.

Actions pertaining to the road system

Transform theRoad system

  • 9

    Implement a "Program to improve safety in school zones".

  • 10

    Improve existing bike paths and develop the réseau express vélo.

  • 11

    Add more digital-timer pedestrian traffic lights.

  • 12

    Improve lighting for walkways under bridges and overpasses.

The Vision Zero approach is an approach that Sweden adopted in 1997. The approach, which has been implemented in many large cities around the world, is based on the principle that "it is unacceptable that people are killed or seriously injured when they are traveling on the road network".